Gregg and Cheryl Chiasson of Commercial Funding Source recently attended and graduated from the Commercial Capital Training commercial lending training program.

Before attending the training program, Mr. and Mrs. Chiasson were owners of multiple businesses and were franchise brokers, which they continue to build and grow and participate in.

They attended the class to build their skill sets and acquire a new business opportunity that would open the door to them to a variety of lending products that they could offer their clients.

After graduating class, they were quickly presented with a few smaller commercial loan deals that they were able to quickly close and access their commissions. The commissions ranged from 00 to 00, but did not take up a a lot of their time.

These smaller deals allowed them the opportunity to get acquainted with the products and lenders that would be assisting them with closing larger deals in the future and that is exactly what happened.

Within weeks they were presented with another very large commercial real estate refinance that when closed will bring them a very healthy commission.

Gregg and Cheryl Chiasson are just one example of the multiple success stories that have matured through out our commercial loan broker training graduates.

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